Family Housing

Social Housing

Rent Determination:

- Rents are calculated based on a households' combined gross monthly income.

- Rent is 30% of gross adjusted household income*, which is consistent with the CMHC National Affordability Standard for housing.

* Adjusted income refers to the exclusion of government benefits such as Child Tax Benefit.


- A household must have at least one dependent child, a satisfactory rental history, and incomes and assets below limits.

- Income limits in relation to the number of bedrooms required are listed below:

1 bedroom < $36,500/year
2 bedroom < $43,500/year
3 bedroom < $55,000/year
4 bedroom < $66,500/year

- Asset Limits for a family is $50,000

Other: Security deposits are required, and depending on the property, there may be additional costs such as utilities and parking.

All suites are Smoke Free and there are designated smoking areas.

Prince Albert Housing Authority

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Phone: (306) 953-7420
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