Family social housing

The Prince Albert Housing Authority provides well maintained rental housing for low-income family households. Units consist of apartments, row houses, townhouses, and fourplexes. Units are located throughout the city.

Rents are calculated based on a household's combined gross monthly income. Rent is 30% of adjusted household income. Adjusted income refers to the exclusion of government benefits such as Child Tax Benefit. A heating allowance is applied to rents where the tenant has to pay for heat.

Heating allowances:

Recipients of Income Assistance Programs (SAP, SAID, TEA, PTA) pay a fixed rent as determined by the Tier in their community.

The size of the home offered is matched with your family size. Placements are according to greatest need and availability of units.

Eligibility requirements:

A household must have at least one dependent child

The Social Housing Income Maximums (SHIM) for family housing are:

Asset limit for family is $50,000.

A security deposit of $326.00 is required. Payment of the security deposit follows the rules of the Office of Residential Tenancies.

Depending on the property, there may be additional costs such as utilities.

Several of our family housing units are "pet friendly".

A few of our units are wheelchair accessible.